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My journey began when I was in university struggling with the worst stomach aches, constant abdominal discomfort and terrible adult-onset acne. I would go to the doctors and they suggested that I take prescribed medications to make the pain subside. I did this for a little while, but I was never good at taking medications so I decided to discontinue them and try to just avoid foods that made me feel sick. This left me eliminating so many foods, feeling very restricted and in the end, did more harm for my physical and mental wellbeing than good. 


My grandmother had stomach issues in her later years and was seeing a gastroenterologist at the time, so my mother suggested I consult with him about my issues.  A biopsy concluded that I had celiac disease and was just told to avoid gluten and continue on with my life. Looking back I could not believe I was not given more support in going gluten free. I had no idea that so many foods contain gluten, and going gluten free was much more than avoiding breads and pasta.  I find one of the biggest misconceptions about going gluten-free is that everyone assumes you cannot eat carbs ( aka breads and pastas) which is far from the truth as we know carbs are in many foods, even vegetables! Gluten-free diet is much more than staying away from “carbs”. Infact, after my diagnosis I just replaced all the comfort foods and snacks I could no longer eat with “gluten free” versions from the store. I ended up gaining 15 lbs because of all the excess food I was eating in order to live as normal of a life as I could without feeling left out or deprived of the foods I loved. My symptoms got even worse, Not to mention the grocery bills became outrageous!


Welcome, I'm Kristen!

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in gut health and helping people get back to their roots.

My Journey

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It is possible to wake up and feel great in your body, energized and excited about the day ahead of you.

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Registered Holistic Nutritionist, RHN

Registered Dental Hygienist, RDH

Adult Education Certificate, Seneca College

Now, being of Italian heritage I was greatly criticized by my family as they thought I was avoiding all of their delicious pastas and lasagnas because I wanted to lose weight. When I felt the guilt of my family thinking I just didn’t want to eat their food, I would cave in and eat it to appease them but I always paid the price later on. I also later learned that Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition, one that if I did not stick to a strict gluten free diet then it could get progressively worse overtime. I was always very active and into health and fitness so this diagnosis and constant discomfort and pain I was feeling despite eating “healthy” and being active was so discouraging and confusing


In order to improve my health I needed to learn the foundations of nutrition, learn what gluten really was, and the many foods that contained it. Not to mention most of the gluten-free products we see on the shelves are often worse for you than the alternatives. 


I’ve been a dental hygienist for 10 years now and decided to go back to school to further my nutrition education and help mommas get to the root cause of their health issues and get back to enjoying their lives!


It is possible to wake up and feel great in your body, energized and excited about the day ahead of you. I want to help you feel productive and have the stamina to care for your kids and family again!


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