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Born and raised in Ontario, now living in Squamish, BC with my husband and fur baby. I've been blessed with a life full of adventure and new beginnings. My current career is in dental hygiene, and I have a passion for nutrition and the outdoors. My journey of wanting to heal my body from the inside out brought me into the world of holistic nutrition, which I am now studying to become fully certified and will soon be taking new clients! It took me many years to figure out that It is possible to not live with pain and suffering and I cannot wait to share what I have learned to help others.

My husband introduced me to hunting, and now we strive to keep healthy and truly organic foods on our table. I wanted to share our experiences with you in hopes that it will inspire you to make some changes to live life to the fullest and hopefully more sustainable. 

How did a city girl from Toronto end up here? Well, its a long story. One that I'm going to have fun telling. 

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