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Venison Steaks and Lion's Mane Dinner

With wild, foraged lion's mane mushrooms and spruce tip pesto

Fully foraged meal straight from the supermarket (the great outdoors). Minus the asparagus! although, on one of our bear hunts this year we came across some wild asparagus which was absolutely delicious. If you ever come across some it is a must taste! they are so much better than store bought (isn't everything?)

For the venison I put some Hi Mountain seasoning Trail Dust which gave it a perfect kick along with

a little pepper and Himalayan salt.

I let that marinade a bit while I start to heat up a pan with about a 1/4 cup of water and place the asparagus in the pan, covered and add some pepper and salt to those.

In another pan I heated up our foraged lions mane mushrooms from last season which were marinated in gluten free teriyaki sauce with some onions and garlic as well.

While those are heating up, I turn my cast iron pan in med- high with some avocado oil ( can be heated to higher temperatures without becoming toxic) Its best to wait until the pan heats up before placing your venison steaks on the pan. ** the steaks can also be done on the BBQ or smoker as well whatever your preference is**

I like to do about 2-3 mins per side for our steaks which were about 1.5 - 2 Inches thick (we like out med rare - rare)

To top it off I finished the meal with my new favourite foraged greens...Spruce tips. Click here for my Spruce tip pesto recipe!

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